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Why digital trade fair processes are indispensable today

Wednesday, 8. May 2019 | by: Eric Uder | Follow-Up

The trade fair is over, the sales team is satisfied with its work, there were plenty of new contacts and sales opportunities collected on site. Actually many reasons to be satisfied with the own work and the results at the fair. To conclude the trade fair successfully, however, there is still no follow-up to the trade fair, which many companies still treat too neglected.

How does it happen that elaborately generated trade fair leads are not properly followed up and what opportunities are there to accelerate these unproductive processes...

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Tipps und Tricks für Deine Messeeinladung

Tuesday, 30. April 2019 | by: Alesja Alewelt

Exhibit Marketing
The only successful measurement inventory

Thursday, 18. April 2019 | by: DES WAHNSINNS FETTE BEUTE

Exhibit Marketing
5 tips for a successful appearance on trade fairs

Tuesday, 11. December 2018 | by: Theresa Braun

Exhibit Marketing
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10 Reasons to Use Multi-Touch Technology at Trade Fairs

Tuesday, 11. December 2018 | by: Andreas Köster | Trade Fair Stand

There are hardly any business enterprises that are not on the lookout for a brainwave when it comes to their next upcoming trade fair appearance. After all, every exhibitor wants to stand out from the crowd and present a genuine eye catcher to visitors at his booth. An increasing number of companies hence use transportable multi-touch installations at trade fairs. These are the 10 key advantages that multi touch technology holds over more traditional trade fair equipment, such as display cases and leaflets:...

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