General Terms and Conditions of Business

1. Preamble
Memanto is a portal that features trade fairs, exhibitions and other events, working independently and which is subject to editorial intervention. The portal’s pages feature offers including an event calendar that contains all relevant information relating to trade shows, exhibitions, conventions and similar events. Moreover, a variety of different event organizers are represented on the site. Users have the option to rate trade fairs. Event visitors can also learn about various events, free of charge, while event organizers can be featured on the site without charge. No login details are required to make use of the site.’s editorial team does not warrant the accuracy of the content despite the highest degree of care being applied in creating and collating the information. Moreover, no liability is assumed in respect of the content of any website that may link to. Memanto expressly distances itself from the content of any external websites. Moreover, reserves the right to cease the provision of any website operated by at any time without notice.

All text, images and miscellaneous content of websites operated by are subject to copyright.

Entry in trade fair and event calendars
Event details may only be entered by’s editorial team. The consent of the event organizer is not required for such entry. The following information is required:

  • Event name
  • Event location
  • Event frequency
  • Access restrictions
  • Event schedule
  • A description of the event and what it has to offer
  • Opening times and admission charges
  • Stand rental details
  • Details of the organizer
  • Any sector that the event is aimed at
  • Any further details

Data is collected for the purposes of the website, for press releases, and for further publicaitons. The websites are publicly accessible. To the extent that an event organizer wishes events to be listed, this listing may be performed by’s editorial team free of charge.

A free-of-charge portal is made available to event organizers, in which the most important contact details, including physical, web and e-mail addresses are stored. Moreover, events offered by such organizers are listed.

In order to be listed, an e-mail must be sent to’s e-mail address,, whereby the most significant details are transmitted. Entries are made by the editorial team.

There is no specific right for data to be entered into or deleted from the list or database; moreover,’s editorial team reserves the right to reject any individual entry.

Event reviews
Event reviews on the pages of reflect the views of event visitors and/or users of the website. They do not reflect the views of the editorial team.

A user may review an event once each time it is held. The user’s name and e-mail address must be provided in order to leave a review; however, these details are not published. The name and e-mail address will also not be disclosed to third parties in any event.

Reviews may be submitted via an online form, which is subsequently checked and approved by’s editorial team. Reviews must be activated, with a view to preventing manipulation or abuse. After checking, reviews will be approved or blocked for release. Blocking will only occur in the event that the rules governing event reviews are not observed. The user will be given the option of amending the review such that the review meets the requirements of Thereafter, a further check may be undertaken, which may result in the review being approved for release.

The rules for a valid event review are as follows:
  • A review text not to exceed 500 characters
  • No use of special characters
  • The review must be formulated in complete sentences
  • Text must be grammatically correct and spelled correctly
  • No advertising text is permitted
  • No links to other websites; any such links will be removed by checks
  • No content of a commercial, political, pornographic, obscene, criminal, illegal or defamatory nature

Liability and use of data
All details are provided without warranty.

Errors and omissions are excluded and, despite careful endeavours, may occur. Should timings, entry prices or stand rental costs for any event change, such change will be the sole responsibility of the event organizer. hereby excludes any liability for loss or damage that may be caused by the direct or indirect use of any data made available on the website.

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