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5 tips for saving costs at the next fair

Wednesday, 19. February 2020 | by: Laura Nickolay | Exhibition Planning

Many companies still rely on their trade fair presence, although new digital marketing trends appear almost daily. This is no wonder, since companies find it difficult to maintain personal contact with business partners and potential customers with other marketing measures. An important point in the run-up to the trade fair is to draw up a budget in order to know which costs will actually be incurred. 

35 % of the entire marketing budget is planned by German companies for their trade fair presence, as the Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation (bvik) has found out. This seems like a lot at first glance, but the costs of a trade fair appearance should not be underestimated. After all, there are costs for stand rental, staff, technical equipment, marketing materials, accommodation and travel expenses, which all add up to a huge drain on the marketing budget. 

Therefore, we have put together 5 tips for you with which you can realise your trade fair appearance even on a small budget:

Staff planning

Here, it is often underestimated how high the costs for personnel actually are, even though they represent one of the largest cost factors. High personnel costs are incurred, because trade fair days are often longer than normal working days. In order to save money, it makes sense to take a detailed look at personnel planning, because every additional stand employee costs money. Maybe it is therefore also possible to have one person less or one person who is only present during the highly frequented days/times, if that is possible. 

What is also relevant are the travel and accommodation costs. You can save money here if you book early and are flexible in terms of location. After all, overnight accommodation further away is often cheaper than accommodation in the vicinity of the trade fair. In addition, group or special conditions can certainly be requested.

Long-term planning of the trade fair presentation

It is also essential that deadlines are set that are realistic but still allow sufficient time until the trade fair. There will still be changes and these should not have to be implemented last minute, because suppliers want to be paid for the short-term changes. In addition, changes tug at the nerves of employees shortly before the gates close and cause overtime. Services at the trade fair should also be booked a long time in advance, such as telephone, Internet, electricity and water, as a surcharge must also be expected at a later date.

Marketing materials

Another important point in cost planning is the expenditure for the required marketing materials. Companies create brochures, flyers, catalogues and so-called goodie bags, which are distributed to their prospective customers. These materials are a high cost item, but not absolutely necessary, because there are alternatives. Digital solutions can be used instead of printed products and physical bags. For example, with the Fanomena Leads solution, you can provide your visitors with all your content before, during and after the fair.

Support programmes

Another way to save money at the trade fair is through various support programmes. Here, start ups are often promoted by organizers so that they can afford the high stand rent. There are, for example, StartUp Corners whose rents are lower.

Investments in the exhibition stand

In addition, investments in the exhibition stand were to be made on a long-term basis. If you are buying items for your stand, such as tables and chairs, you should rather invest a little more money here. This will allow you to use the items for other events and they will not break down after the first use. In general, it is therefore more useful to make fewer investments than to fill the whole stand with obviously cheap items. In addition, the exhibition equipment should be packed as compactly as possible to keep transport costs low. 


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Laura Nickolay is Content Manager at Fanomena Leads since October 2019. Here she is responsible for the company blog, which deals with all aspects of trade fair presence and lead management. The solution of Fanomena Leads simplifies the lead entry at trade fairs and accelerates the individual trade fair follow-up.

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