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Creating a trade fair stand—eight tips for a successful trade fair appearance

Wednesday, 5. June 2019 | by: Ringo Dühmke | Trade Fair Stand

New products and services can be ideally presented at trade fairs, provided you have an appealing booth that attracts casual customers.
Calculating a fair appearance correctly and ordering giveaways is already half the battle when planning a trade fair stand. In any case, you should never lose sight of the design of the exhibition stand. What does the entire planning of the trade fair appearance mean for you, when the stand looks inconspicuous and everyone just walks past it? So, you need to think about how to attract attention and customers. Of course this works best with a booth, which is a real eye-catcher and makes people curious about your product or your services. To make such an eye-catcher is not that difficult. The following tips will certainly help you. 

Tips for an appealing booth

1. Location and space:

Before you rent the stand you should take a closer look at the area or the exhibition hall. Try to get a location as central as possible. You certainly do not want to get a stand in the farthest corner of the hall. It is also particularly good if you choose a place next to another visitor magnet, so the chance is better that customers will notice you. However, a no go is a place next to direct competition.

2. Size of the booth:

The size of the stand should always match your offer. If you only want to convey information, a small exhibition stand is sufficient. When you would like to introduce a product, then you should prefer a place on a larger advertising space and thus on a larger exhibition stand.

3. Spatially divide the measuring stand:

A booth is only a good stand if it automatically attracts customers and invites them to linger. If you have decided on a large exhibition stand, divide it into different areas. There should be a reception area with a counter, a product presentation area and also a consultation area. For smaller stands, on the other hand, a fair counter is usually sufficient. 

By the way:
Always remember: Trade fair visitors are long on their feet. So, you leave a good impression if your visitors can sit down during the consultation.

4. Design:

When designing the stand you should remember one thing: stand out from the competition. But that does not mean that you have to use bright colors to stand out. Above all, they look serious if you orientate yourself to the colors of your company logo, that is, your corporate design. Trade fair visitors can use the colors to see directly who wants to present themselves at the booth.

Small additional tip: With a witty quote on your exhibition stand design you also provide an eye-catcher.

5. Technique:

Instead of just hanging a poster with the most important points about your product, you should rather run a commercial or show pictures. Pictures attract attention and that in turn attracts many trade fair visitors. You do not have to read anything and the product gets presented so well. Of course, it is even better if visitors can try out the product directly and convince themselves of it. Visitors then automatically stay longer at your stand.

6. Lighting:

When planning your exhibition stand always remember the lighting. How useful is the best product, if potential customers cannot look in detail because your stand is not well illuminated? So, make sure the product is lighten up by a bright but not dazzling light source. Wherever you want to hold consultations, the light should also be bright and natural, so that customers can read documents such as brochures in the best way possible.

7. Information carrier:

It is never enough to just lay out your informational material on the counter. If you are currently advising trade fair visitors, others usually do not dare interrupt and prefer to continue without information material. Therefore, also rely on brochure holders. Here everyone can access it themselves.

8. Order:

Very important: keep your stand clean. Nothing seems more daunting than an unstructured stand where you have to search for a flyer or a price for a long time. Make sure everything is ready, nothing stands around and your stand is perfectly clean.

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