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From storytelling to branding to the personal stage at the exhibition stand

Wednesday, 19. June 2019 | by: Bianca Schillinger | Trade Fair Stand

In most cases, a fitting trade fair floor is part of a successful exhibition stand design. Whether carpet, PVC or real wood: a trade fair floor enhances every stand. We will show you which exhibition floor is the right one for you and how versatile your use and design can be.

From Classic to Natural: These are the exhibition floor trends

Carpets are still very popular. That is no wonder: they are available in many colors and patterns, which makes it possible to find the right substrate for every corporate image. In addition, a carpet ensures that your stand looks clean and neat for longer. Depending on the color, the dirt that visitors bring in is not immediately visible. So, you do not have to worry about cleaning during the trade fair and you can concentrate on the customer discussions. In addition, carpet exhibition floor has a dampening effect. Because the noise level at fairs can quickly become very exhausting, this is an important.
There is currently a clear trend in trade fair floors: the wood look or real wood trade fair floors. Not at least because of their versatility: They give your stand an elegant style but it can just look as natural. Depending on the stand design, you can create a warm, cozy atmosphere or a modern, tidy surface for your trade fair stand through wooden floors. PVC floors are the more cost-effective variant, which is also easy to clean and weighs less than the real wood models. Important when buying: Whether carpeting, vinyl or wood: your trade fair floor must be B1-certified, which means that it is flame retardant. Otherwise, you are not allowed to build it up and in the end, you will be without a fair floor.

Podium floor: your personal stage

Especially at exhibition stands with many power connections (for tablets, TV modules, coffee machines, etc.), the use of a pedestal floor is recommended. Cables fixed with adhesive tape not only look messy but they are also a dangerous pitfall for stand personnel and visitors. A modular floor offers enough space through the raised floor slabs to make these tripping hazards disappear. Pedestal or modular floors are therefore an elegant and at the same time safe solution for cable guides at the exhibition stand. The elevated floor slabs, which serve as a substructure, can also compensate for uneven ground. So, they guarantee a flat exhibition floor for your fair appearanceWith which floor of the fair you occupy the podium is entirely up to you. Sheaths made of aluminum or wood create a clean conclusion and ensure a clear demarcation from the other exhibitors.

Individual adaptation to your brand or corporate design

Branding is an important aspect at trade fairs. After all, visitors should immediately recognize whose booth they are currently at and quickly recognize them in the crowd of other exhibitors. So, if one of your trade fair goals is to strengthen your brand, you should think about a customized trade fair floor. Printable carpets offer you the opportunity to put your logo or company claim at the center of attention. A more flexible way of integrating your brand on the exhibition floor is to use adhesive films. There are no limits to your ideas and designs—however, you should make absolutely sure that it is an easily removable film. The Deutsche Bahn decided to come up with something very special and skillfully used its brand awareness: instead of using logos, it emphasized the recognition value of their design and used the carpeting of the ICEs as a base for their trade fair stand.

Exhibition floor as part of storytelling

However, a trade fair floor can do more than present the brand or ensure order at the exhibition stand: it can even tell a story or serve as a guidance system for the visitor. The city of Kiel masterfully put this into practice on the 50th boat in Düsseldorf: a mixture of blue carpeting and a high-quality vinyl exhibition floor in a wood look created the illusion of a wooden pier directly on the sea. The integration of the fair floor into the ingenious stand design provided a surprise effect for the visitors and supported the storytelling. (Here, you find more pictures of the booth of the city of Kiel).

Gastrofix opted for a completely different concept: With the help of tape art, i.e., removable adhesive tape, they created a visitor guidance system directly on the exhibition floor. The network of colorful lines stood out well from the bright floor and made for a colorful eye-catcher in the rather dark booth. It reinforced and supplemented the creative design of the exhibition stand, which deliberately wanted to guide the trade fair visitors and was built like a miniature labyrinth.

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