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How do I find the right stand position at a fair?

Wednesday, 14. August 2019 | by: Dennis Kirchen | Trade Fair Stand

Choose the right trade fair booth position with 3 questions

Before every trade fair, exhibitors are faced with the same question: "Which floor space should I rent? Where is my exhibition stand best positioned to attract the most visitors?" The answer depends entirely on which trade fair stand type you are and which exhibition goals you have set yourself. Today, I'll give you 3 questions that will help you to find the right position for your exhibition stand!

1. What does your stand look like?

The perfect exhibition stand area depends entirely on what your individual booth looks like. This of course means the type of stand (headstand, row stand, corner stand ...), but not only. Ask yourself: What is special, the highlight, the eye-catcher of your exhibition stand?

If the highlight of your booth for example is the specially designed counter, then you should take a closer look at the width of the aisles. In many halls the internal corridors are very narrow, so that your counter would go down in the visitors crowd. To get it right, you need a stand with enough free space in front of it. This could be a stand space slightly at the edge of the hall or directly at the entrance or exit. If, on the other hand, you have paid particular attention to your back wall or long-distance effect, you can also stand out in the midst of narrow corridors.

Take a closer look at your stand design and consider the conditions under which it would work best. The perfect exhibition stand position should do just that: present your booth optimally.

2. What is your goal?

In order to find the best exhibition stand space for your performance, you must realize what you expect from the trade fair participation. Do you want to compete directly with the competition and prove that you are the undisputed leader? Then do not be shy and book the stand in the midst of your competitors! Depending on the industry you are now in close proximity to one or the other really big name. This can have advantages, because well-known brands are appealing to the visitors. So you secure a place directly on the lush flowing stream of visitors. However, many visitors do not automatically mean many high quality conversations or even leads. Because between strong competition, you have to impress with your trade fair appearance in a very special way.

If you shy away from this challenge, a place at the edge of the themed area and further away from big names of the industry is right for you. Although the number of visitors will be lower, you will not be able to benefit from the known neighbors. At the same time, a more relaxed environment also ensures that visitors to the trade fair are more receptive and take a closer look at the exhibition stands. That's why you do not necessarily have to come up with a non-plus-ultra booth, which is especially for small companies hard to realize for financial reasons. Instead, attract visitors with small promotions, sweepstakes or a special stand design. That’s how you can make the most of a less well-attended exhibition stand area.

3. Are you ready to take a risk?

With these stand areas, you have to think carefully about what you are getting involved with: Trade fair stands at the intersections of two halls can be very well visited, simply because every visitor has to pass by you.

Especially in the upcoming summer months until September, this idea is worthwhile, because there will be a hot temperature in the isolated exhibition halls and the passage to the fresh air should not to be underestimated. Most of the large exhibition grounds are designed in such a way that, in addition to the covered hall transitions, there is always the outdoor path between the exhibition halls. Especially in the summer, these areas with food trucks and beverage stalls are becoming popular get-together spots in the open air. A trade fair stand at an exit to these interspaces can therefore provide you with regular visitors - just think about your habits at trade fair visits.

The same applies of course to the stands near toilets or stages. For those that know how to use this steady stream of visitors skillfully and can attract the attention of visitors by funny actions, these surfaces can be a paradise. However, if you want a quiet atmosphere, you will quickly be overwhelmed: Where there are many people, it quickly gets loud. In addition, many trade fair visitors are already so close to the exit in the next hall and rush straight to your stand. The same applies to stands near stages: As a rule, organizers are careful to set up stages and talk areas out of earshot – nevertheless, have a close look at the hall plan in advance and in case of doubt simply ask the organizer how loud the stages are estimated and how many talks are planned.

As you can see, the perfect stand space for your stand depends on several individual factors. I would like to help you find the right spot for your stand!

If you have any questions about our LED exhibition stands, our technology or our other products, please feel free to contact us at any time!

We will be happy to hear from you!

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Dennis Kirchen is Head of Sales at LA CONCEPT. Manufacturing modular LED stands and a software for digital exhibition planning, LA CONCEPT supports companies preparing for future trade fair concepts.

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