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Issues to consider when building your exhibition stand

Tuesday, 14. February 2017 | by: Alesja Alewelt | Trade Fair Stand

There are two major reasons why visitors come to your stand at a trade fair: one is your business's reputation, and the other is the stand itself. Visitors hope for a pleasant surprise, but at a minimum, they expect that the content will live up to the first impression that your stand creates. Opting for style over substance means that you'll miss the mark here. So, which issues do you need to consider when building your stand?

The concept must fit

The exhibition’s standard construction template won’t suit if you don’t do things by the book and want to stand out from the crowd. After all, does any visitor really want to see the same thing again and again? That is why you should develop an individual concept for your exhibition stand, with a view to reusing the concept in the future if all goes well. While this approach increases the initial investment, you should save time and money over the long term.  

Pay attention to the following points:  

  • You need to make an impact from far away. You can achieve this by using back paneling or a column featuring your logo. Don’t forget about lighting effects either.
  • Highlight the benefits of your product or service to your visitors. Consider pertinent headlines, slogans, and titles for all material that is available at the stand or that is incorporated into it.
  • Ensure your stand conveys your branding message. You must be recognizable from a distance in a way that makes sense to visitors.
  • It is vital that your stand highlights the unique characteristics of your products and services, as well as the value that they add. Your aim is to appear professional and innovative, so restrict your display to a relatively small number of items. These items should awaken visitors’ curiosity, so make sure that you have a clear focus, and present the highlights of your range.
  • The concept should be developed at a functional level before the styling is finalized. This means adapting the stand’s design to suit your target audience, then adding an appropriate design layer.
  • Do you value the ability to hold discussions with customers in private? If so, consider whether there are enough opportunities to hold meetings, and don’t forget to provide your visitors with hospitality. Also, consider whether you want to generate initial contacts with potential customers, and tailor your presentation accordingly.

Accounting for the stand

The exhibition stand will only be used for a few days at most, after which it has fulfilled its purpose. That is a significant investment in time and money for the business, with only a very small window of time for it to generate a return. Therefore, you will generally achieve better returns from reusable products that you can use in your business and treat as stock in trade. Chairs, stools, tables, and dishes can all be purchased once and used on multiple occasions. That only changes once the corporate design changes, and that should be clear if you are involved with product exhibits. Consider that high-quality, durable items will show little or no wear and tear, even after repeated use.  

Reusable items should fit with the exhibition concept as far as colors and materials are concerned. Don’t save money in the wrong places here; your image will suffer as a result.

Saving money on your exhibition stand

Are you satisfied with your exhibition contractors? Great, then stay with them. There are bound to be cheaper providers, but the price savings can easily be outweighed by the lower quality of the exhibition stand, which reduces your ability to engage with visitors, consequently lowering your customer conversion rates.  

Seek out stain-resistant materials; a white carpet will look old and uninviting even on the second day of the exhibition.   Do you want to create large, colorful areas? Take advantage of digital visualization. Make sure that you try out the effects of different colors in advance; a color can look great in a small space, but on a large wall, it may appear oppressive or create a distraction.  

Even while saving money, consider the need to protect your stand from direct sunlight if it is in an unfavorable location. Intrusive sunlight has often deterred visitors from engaging in long conversations.    

provided by FAIRworldwide GmbH

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About Alesja Alewelt

Alesja Alewelt, M.A., has been an event manager for over 15 years. In 2008, she founded the Bremen based event management agency, FAIRworldwide, successfully specializing in stands that are shared between multiple exhibitors. Her previous, extensive experience includes working as an event organizer in Munich, Germany, and Melbourne, Australia. Alesja Alewelt is currently involved in creating new concepts to optimize business processes for the sector, with a focus on the use of new technologies.

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