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IT Equipment – Create a Multimedia Experience

Saturday, 22. April 2017 | by: Alesja Alewelt | Trade Fair Stand

An exhibition can be a tedious affair without the support of modern technology. Today’s visitors expect more; they don’t just want to look, they want to touch, try things out, and be entertained by a full multimedia experience. That’s why there is now a range of different options to meet the demand for entertainment.    

Use movies for your event

Short, targeted movies mean that you can present your offering visually to a wide audience, not just at the event itself but also remotely. The soundtrack, on the other hand, barely matters on site. Most visitors won’t understand a word of it, given the usual background noise of an exhibition. It’s much more important to use the movie to attract visitors to your booth. This means that the essential information must be conveyed visually; naturally, follow-up questions should be more than welcome at the booth itself.    

Use multi-touch applications

Multi-touch applications have been an accepted part of everyday communications for a long time, and they help to create more dynamic presentations. A 70-inch screen is recommended to ensure that visitors can see what they need to while being provided with the most important, interactive information. To guarantee that a full range of products can be presented over time, devices like this have a wide range of interfaces to allow other devices to be connected. It’s extremely helpful if the monitor is not just hung from the wall but can also be used as a multi-touch desktop. See the latest technology in action and experience top-class communications. At smaller events, a 32” monitor (or similar) may be more suitable, allowing all presentations to be given interactively.    

Use the latest technology

If the event focuses on a narrowly defined topic, and your competitors are presenting products that are similar to your own, use the latest technology to stand out from the crowd. For instance, you could use a transparent screen, creating an invisible surface that highlights your product by showing moving images that may appear opaque. You can be sure that images like these will attract visitors’ attention. These screens are also available in touch-screen versions, meaning that they can also be used in meetings and presentations.    

Use a media screen

As an alternative to a seamless video display, which may not be feasible for small and medium enterprises due to cost, a normal 40” video screen is a realistic option. These screens provide strikingly sharp images and can be rented from suitable providers for a cost-effective price. They also feature a range of different interfaces, making it easy to connect other devices.    

Think of all the details

Whatever you do, think of the details! It’s essential to ensure that the right accessories for the technical equipment are easily available. Wall mounts, cable ducts, and stands are not merely useful; in many cases they are essential. Screen stands are available in a range of different sizes and designs and should also be tailored to suit the stand; for instance, if the booth or products are presented in a very traditional style, nothing should appear too strikingly modern, not even the stand for the screen. Inconsistencies in style like that simply shouldn’t happen. Don’t just think about the stands for screens; also consider how you will mount tablets that you might want to use in conversations with clients. If you want to explain something to a client using a tablet, you are sure to want the tablet to be fixed in place instead of holding it up for yourself. Rely on professional IT service providers who can rent out equipment for shows, and use their expertise to ensure that accessories are taken care of to prevent a well-prepared presentation from falling apart due to a missing cable.

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About Alesja Alewelt

Alesja Alewelt, M.A., has been an event manager for over 15 years. In 2008, she founded the Bremen based event management agency, FAIRworldwide, successfully specializing in stands that are shared between multiple exhibitors. Her previous, extensive experience includes working as an event organizer in Munich, Germany, and Melbourne, Australia. Alesja Alewelt is currently involved in creating new concepts to optimize business processes for the sector, with a focus on the use of new technologies.

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