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Lower Costs Through Early Hotel-Booking

Wednesday, 1. February 2017 | by: Alesja Alewelt | Exhibition Planning

With a trade fair can come enormous costs. Not only does the exhibitor have to pay high prices for booth rental and a display stand, but travel to and from the venue and, especially, accommodation also costs money. Therefore, keeping costs down when organizing your professional trade fair visit is a prerequisite. Through good project organization, you can save a lot of time and money.

The timing’s what makes it

If you go on holiday, you take care of the hotel in a timely fashion. Accommodation is often booked months in advance, because that is when the lowest prices are available. But what about with a trade fair? Quite a few trade fair participants wait until shortly before the beginning of the exhibition and only then book their hotel room. At that point, the problem is that their desired hotel is fully booked or only has the most expensive rooms left available. Thus, astronomical hotel costs arise that were unexpected by the participant.

Some entrepreneurs wait too long to book a hotel because they think that there could still be better deals, while others do not know until shortly before the event how many people from their company will actually participate at the trade fair and, thus, need accommodation. It is therefore important to determine your exact requirements as early as possible. It must be determined who is participating and whether a person has to be planned as “reserved”. Accordingly, the hotel can be booked.

It is also possible to schedule some more rooms and to cancel unused accommodations. While there are indeed cancellation fees, these are usually not as high as the costs for rooms that are booked shortly before the exhibition.

Advantages of early reservations

The final stage of trade fair organization should not be burdened by the search for accommodation. If the hotel is already booked, it is immensely relieving. Another advantage of booking early is that also still have a wide variety of hotels to choose from. Thus, your chances of financial savings rise. The conditions for early booking can often be even better, simply because when the hotel is less busy they tend to be more willing to compromise and make concessions. This is an advantage especially when you need to reserve larger number of rooms. Your bargaining power is greater and prices are significantly lower when you book early.

And cancellation fees? 

Many project managers worry about high cancellation fees. However, if you reserve a hotel early, you will generally profit from better conditions in relation to cancellation fees. Many hotels allow free changes of reservations for a period of up to two months before using the service. The cancellation costs may also be lower because the hotel is not fully booked.

If cancellation fees are unavoidable, a company can use this to its own advantage. For example, if the room must be paid for anyway, business partners can be invited to the fair, and a free night at the hotel can be included in the invitation. Here, marketing and the benefits of unavoidable costs interlock. With a little luck, the invitees will return the favor at a later date, which of course is an advantage for the exhibitors.

Too often, cancellation charges are considered a problem that prevents exhibitors from booking hotels early, but with a skillful approach, these costs can be at least partially avoided or reduced.


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About Alesja Alewelt

Alesja Alewelt, M.A., has been an event manager for over 15 years. In 2008, she founded the Bremen based event management agency, FAIRworldwide, successfully specializing in stands that are shared between multiple exhibitors. Her previous, extensive experience includes working as an event organizer in Munich, Germany, and Melbourne, Australia. Alesja Alewelt is currently involved in creating new concepts to optimize business processes for the sector, with a focus on the use of new technologies.

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