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Optimizing the position of your exhibition booth

Sunday, 5. February 2017 | by: Alesja Alewelt | Trade Fair Stand

Admittedly, the element of surprise can be advantageous in many situations. Nonetheless, when choosing a location in the exhibition hall for your stand, you shouldn’t rely on a happy accident to lead the right selection of visitors to your booth, especially if the theme of the hall has nothing in common with your business model. Visitors might enjoy finding you through a surprise discovery; the problem, however, is that your target audience won’t be there to discover you in the first place!    

Face your competition head on

Naturally, we don’t mean this literally, but you should avoid being too far from your competitors, geographically speaking, if you want to make the exhibition a success. Accordingly, look for a location that is in close proximity to your competitors and form what some retailers refer to as a “single sector cluster.” This ensures that visitors to the exhibition won’t just see your competitors; they will also see you alongside them. All that matters is the design of your stand: this should naturally stand out from the crowd of your competitors, and it must not look like the poor relation of another company.    

Don't go off the beaten track

The stand should always be built on one of the main routes through the hall, and the ideal location is the intersection of two major routes. Many visitors will pass by, but not all of them will necessarily be part of your target audience. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to raise your profile with other visitors. A stand at an intersection is like a store in the heart of downtown—there can’t be anywhere with more passing traffic.    

Go where the action is

Ideally, position your stand near the entrance to the hall: as you move further back, attendance drops off. If visitors have to walk past several other stands to reach yours, many of them will turn around before they’ve even reached the halfway point. Booths that are located further back are thought of as less interesting—another factor that won’t exactly help generate a return on your event-related investment. However, your stand shouldn’t be located directly at the entrance, as visitors often rush past this area before they work out exactly where they are going. Smaller stands in particular can easily disappear among the crowds.    

Down on the corner

Stands in a corner location are better all around than those that are part of a row. The reason: corner booths offer twice the area for you to come into contact with visitors as they walk past. However, these places are highly sought after and correspondingly expensive to rent. Stands that are built in a row only have one exposed side, and this means that they are not valued as highly.

Opposites attract

If you are only in attendance as a small exhibitor, you should try to position yourself near one of the visitor magnets, but not directly alongside it. Otherwise, you can easily disappear in the flood of visitors, and nothing will remain of your good intention to get noticed by as many people as possible. If all eyes are on the big exhibitor nearby, no one will be paying any attention to you. If, however, you keep a little distance between you and your major competitor, passing visitors can start to pay you attention.    

Get your orientation right

Most people are oriented toward their right-hand side. That means that people tend to glance more to the right than to the left. This means it’s better to position your stand on the right-hand side of passersby, at least to the extent that you can control this.    

Presentation matters - and presentations matter

Many exhibits feature specialist presentations. If at all possible, position yourself near the presentation podiums, but not right alongside the loudspeakers. The noise will have too great an effect on your ability to advise your customers. Obviously, the topics of the presentations should be relevant to your booth: a common theme is a prerequisite if you are considering locating your exhibit near a podium.    


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About Alesja Alewelt

Alesja Alewelt, M.A., has been an event manager for over 15 years. In 2008, she founded the Bremen based event management agency, FAIRworldwide, successfully specializing in stands that are shared between multiple exhibitors. Her previous, extensive experience includes working as an event organizer in Munich, Germany, and Melbourne, Australia. Alesja Alewelt is currently involved in creating new concepts to optimize business processes for the sector, with a focus on the use of new technologies.

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