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Prevent theft through professional security

Saturday, 22. April 2017 | by: Alesja Alewelt | Exhibition Planning

The confusion that reigns during an event is the best opportunity for the sticky-fingered to make off with your kit and your exhibits. Theft is not just a problem during peak attendance times; it can also occur overnight, as well as when the booth is being constructed or dismantled. For that reason, you must implement an effective monitoring regime at your stand, especially if you are exhibiting valuable items.  

What can you do to protect yourself?

You can’t be everywhere at once, so make sure that you have insurance in place to cover the event. You can combine this with goods-in-transit insurance, which may reduce the payable premiums. If you visit several events per year, you can also combine the insurance with other policies; otherwise, it’s rarely worthwhile.

  • Speak to your team and the booth. They should develop a sense for deciding which visitors are questionable and which are not. Anyone who looks as though they don't belong to the target audience should receive particular attention if they spend an unusually long time in front of the booth.
  • During the daytime you can have a colleague stand guard over the booth; this also applies when the stand is being put up or taken down. Otherwise, rely on professional security guards.
  • There should always be a lockable area somewhere at the stand. This should be large enough to provide secure overnight storage for several items.
  • Consider setting up a schedule so that you always know which of your colleagues should be at the stand, which may reveal any gaps in attendance.
  • Ensure that your colleagues keep any movable items in specific locations, and don't distribute them across the booth. Jackets belong in the closet, and gloves should be kept in lockable storage.
  • Secure all exhibits with a lock.

Professional security

Generally, exhibition halls don't provide any overnight security. Organizing your own security for the stand can still be worthwhile. That applies especially if your exhibits are particularly valuable and can't be stored in your booth's secure, lockable storage. Professional security guards offer a range of services around the clock and provide you with the reassurance that you won't lose out as a result of the exhibition. Services generally include:

  • Security services, both overnight and outside the exhibition opening times
  • Security services at the stand during the day, where required
  • Keeping exhibits and specified valuables secure
  • Access controls at particular events

Stand security can also be provided when the stand is being constructed or dismantled. In fact, it should be. The take-down phase is especially critical, as everyone is in a rush to head home. This means that people pay less attention. In addition, hardly anyone pays any attention to neighboring stands. Nevertheless, this security measure should not be underestimated during events. Keep a couple of colleagues back, and, instead of tasking them with dismantling the stand, have them watch over it instead. If this is not possible, bring in professional security at this stage as well.    

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