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Selecting the right trade fair

Monday, 27. February 2017 | by: Alesja Alewelt | Exhibition Planning

Selecting the right event to attend can be critical in determining whether or not your trade fair participation takes off.  That’s why you should check carefully whether the event you have in mind is suitable for your purposes and whether the effort and costs involved in attending are really worth it.  The following criteria are key when determining whether or not you should attend an event:  


Does the event operate worldwide or is it aimed at a regional audience? Could the event take place overseas?  

Event size:

Is the event a large one, with a large catchment area? Or is it restricted to just a few visitors, customers, and suppliers, with no clear definition of who its audience is?

Target audience:

Will your target audience actually be in attendance at the event?  


Are visitors other than your target audience, including the general public, also expected to attend? Could these potentially be added to your target group?  

Business partners and networks:

Will business partners be in attendance as well as customers, and does this offer networking opportunities? Will key decision makers be there?  


Does the event feature a special theme? Does this suit your business, your products, and/or your services?  


Are exhibitors from multiple industries represented, or just those from a single industry?  

Event characteristics:

Do exhibitors tend to use the event as an opportunity to sell directly, or just to present themselves?     Choosing an event to attend makes a big difference to your future success. You’re better off looking for a single event that suits your needs, rather than attending multiple events. Spreading yourself too thinly costs money that would be better invested in a single event that makes a big difference for you. Set your own criteria that the event should fulfill; the more criteria that the event meets, the better your chances of success. The number of trade fairs and events being held worldwide is increasing, but that does not automatically imply an increase in the number of events that are relevant to your business. Always take a systematic approach to event planning, and don’t forget to measure successful outcomes. This allows you to decide whether or not your attendance was profitable and should be repeated, or whether you’d do better to try your luck elsewhere. Make sure that you gather enough data to allow you to evaluate the characteristics of the event more effectively in order to discover whether or not it’s worth your while to attend, or whether you should focus your attention on another trade fair. Eventually, your success criteria and your budget will align, and you’ll find the right event for you! provided by FAIRworldwide GmbH

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About Alesja Alewelt

Alesja Alewelt, M.A., has been an event manager for over 15 years. In 2008, she founded the Bremen based event management agency, FAIRworldwide, successfully specializing in stands that are shared between multiple exhibitors. Her previous, extensive experience includes working as an event organizer in Munich, Germany, and Melbourne, Australia. Alesja Alewelt is currently involved in creating new concepts to optimize business processes for the sector, with a focus on the use of new technologies.

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