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How to make events more sustainable?

Thursday, 10. October 2019 | by: Konligo | Exhibition Planning

Every year, trade and consumer shows generate 600,000 tons of waste. That represents 1 billion pounds and makes this sector the second-worst waste producer after construction. Most of this waste comes from all the flyers, posters, plastic bags, catalogs or cheap samples that are offered to visitors. In addition, there is the plastic that protects the carpets during assembly and the carpet itself during dismantling, which in most cases will never be reused. The stand carpet is usually packed in bulk, and the carpet located in the communal spaces is recycled. As the size of the trade show increases -and the proportion of stands with customized design (or non-reusable stands) with it the quantity of hazardous and wood waste can raise treme...

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How do I find the right stand position at a fair?

Wednesday, 14. August 2019 | by: Dennis Kirchen | Trade Fair Stand

Choose the right trade fair booth position with 3 questions

Before every trade fair, exhibitors are faced with the same question: "Which floor space should I rent? Where is my exhibition stand best positioned to attract the most visitors?" The answer depends entirely on which trade fair stand type you are and which exhibition goals you have set yourself. Today, I'll give you 3 questions that will help you to find the right position for your exhibition stand!...

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