Eventboxx vive la france
Eventboxx vive la france

Eventboxx "Vive la France"

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Width: 300.0 (cm)

Depth: 300.0 (cm)

ID: 2077


The Eventboxx "Vive la France" is a real eye-catcher and is guaranteed to become the much adored centre of your event. Just the right Eventboxx for all France lovers. The Eventboxx consists of a high-quality folding tent (3x3m), whereby one side part has a door, four weight plates (30kg each) and ambient lighting (230V). The pre-built wooden scenery with two vintage counters provides for the special flair that the Eventboxx has. Please order equipment at least two weeks before the event. Transport costs are included and the rental period is 1 - 5 days. Assembly and disassembly services can be booked additionally if required. In stormy weather conditions the tent must be protected accordingly. The hirer is liable for any damage caused by the weather.


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