Schutzmaske corona meetsafe schwarz grau
Schutzmaske corona meetsafe schwarz grau

Mask Black / Grey

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Height: 14.0 (cm)

Width: 23.0 (cm)

Material: functional 2-layer blended fabric of 65% polyester and 35% cotton

Color: black, grey

ID: 2062


With the "firstMASK" community masks, you can carry out your event safely and yet stylishly! Choose from a wide range of individual designs: The "firstMask" Collection has the right mask for every occasion in its range - whether in subtle colours or strikingly colourful. The handmade masks offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional disposable models and look chic on top of that. High-quality materials, a copper wire nose clip and an elastic band ensure optimum wearing comfort. Due to the functional 2-ply mixed fabric of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, the mask has little moisture penetration and dries quickly. The mask is washable at 60°C and can be reused after washing. Since all applications are embroidered in high quality, there is maximum colour and shape stability.

The minimum order quantity is 10 masks. Delivery costs are included.


Instructions for use:


  • firstMASK does not replace regular hand washing and spacing! These remain the most important rules of conduct.
  • firstMASK is not a certified medical device but a community mask, which limits the transmission of droplets and avoids unconscious touching of mouth and nose.
  • firstMASK for children may only be worn under adult supervision, as the danger of strangulation cannot be excluded!
  • firstMASK cannot be returned for exchange, as it is an unsealed hygiene product.
  • Please wash thoroughly before wearing for the first time. Washable at 60°C with a washing net or scald hot in the sink, wait, wring out carefully.
  • NOT suitable for the microwave. Fire hazard due to the sewn-in copper wire!
  • Wash after use and store separately, e.g. in a zip bag.


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