Poststraße 12, 50169 Kerpen, Germany

ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG


ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG, under the wings of media artist Andree Verleger, develops intelligent show concepts for a variety of different events. Live Communication Events, Opening or Closing Ceremonies, TV Formats, Launches, Concerts etc. Verleger and ABC are brought on board by world governments, agencies and TV stations. Each individual project define and determine whether it be a leading position, or as part of a larger, creative team. Our extensive interdisciplinary expertises in creating masterpieces are:

- Creating Concepts, Storyboards and Rundowns for Shows or just parts of it  - - Creating Set and Stage Designs
- Film and Media Production
- Music and Sound Composition
- Light Design
- Art Direction
- Show Direction & Producing
- Stage Choreographies
- Interactive Screen Performances
- Research, Programming and Scripting new innovative tools

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ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG

Poststraße 12, 50169 Kerpen, Germany


Andree Verleger



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